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It's great to have you here.

We are a new film production company made up of award-winning filmmakers based here in the Pacific North West. 

Our team is committed to making films that inspire and illuminate.

As artists and storytellers, we aim to shed light into the darkness and weave stories which nourish our hearts, lift our souls and bring community together.

We are making these films for you, our audience. We want our stories to move you, inspire you and cause you to reach out to others.

Like a flame, life begins in the darkness. Let's fan these flames together.



Proudly working out of the Pacific North West, we are bringing together an award-winning team of filmmakers committed to bringing our stories to audiences around the globe.

Our upcoming project, Light Me Up, is a film about a couple struggling to start a family due to a series of miscarriages and how each escape into their own world to process their grief. But they soon discover the only way to face this darkness is fuelled by each others' courage.

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Take Action

The best storytelling causes us to reach out and connect with each other. Light Me Up is more than just a film. It's an invitation.

So join us.  Submit an inspiring quote for our QUOTE WALL.  If you are an organisation or individual moved by our mission become a PARTNER or MATCH DONOR for our upcoming crowd funding campaign. And share this project with your friends and family. Tell them why this film is important to you. 

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All photography provided by Light Me Up Productions, LLC.