Bostononians join our Director for a Q & A after this weekend's screening!

Our director, Miri Stone, will be attending The Lonely Seal Film Festival this weekend…

Bostonians come and join us for our Massachusetts premiere!
October 6th, 2018 at 2:45 pm

Festival: The Lonely Seal Film Festival
Address: The Historical Regent Theatre in Arlington
7 Medford St, Arlington, MA 02474

Please join Miri for the Q & A after the Female Filmmaker Showcase!


If you are in Boston, please come along and support this emerging festival which is striving to support equality and diverse voices in film industry. This year’s programming is an almost 50/50 split of female to male directed/creatively driven films. That’s an incredible achievement!

Vicky & Miri are thrilled to be showing LIGHT ME UP alongside this wonderful line up of women-driven programming…

Women Filmmakers Showcase

* I, Object – Documentary (USA 7:49)
* Light Me Up – Short Film (USA 14:29)
* Val – Short Film (USA 16:33)
* The Girl at the Library – Short Film (USA 10:00)
* Ripe Figs – Short Film (USA 8:34)
* The Last Doll Lady – Documentary (USA 21:13)
* Path of Dreams – Short Film (USA 24:58)
* Break – Short Film (USA 9:36)
* Mrs. Murphy’s Confession – Short Film – (USA 25:00)
* This is for Us – Short Film & Web Series (Australia 10:02)
* Scarlett-Angelina – Short Film (USA – American Film Institute – 9:50) 

Q & A will be held at the end of the screening.

Join us for our home state premiere this weekend!

2018 Official Selection Laurel.JPG

It is very special indeed to be able to announce our home state premiere this weekend!

We are thrilled to invite you
to the Washington State PREMIERE of our beautiful film...
October 6th, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Festival: Ellensburg Film Festival
Address: McConnell Hall
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg WA 98926
(corner of University Way & Wildcat Way)

Please join our Producer, Vicky Davenport, at the Washington Premiere of LIGHT ME UP!

Light Me Up coming to two dream film hubs... New York and Paris!


All you cinephiles living in New York and Paris, we'd love to share two wonderful nights of cinema with you!

LIGHT ME UP is proud to be screening at the NYC 2 Paris International Film Festival!

Get your tickets from EventBrite and find out all the screening details here:

New York - Session 4 - Sunday September 9th 2018 @ 4:15p

Paris - Session 3 - Friday September 21st 2018 @ 7p 

Love from us all, 

Miri & Vicky

Come and join us for our world premiere!


Come celebrate the WORLD PREMIERE of LIGHT ME UP with us in LA!

LIGHT ME UP is proud to be screening in FILM INVASION LA 2018 as part of the CREATIVITY SPOTLIGHT slot alongside these fine films -- The Truth, Apostasy & Dysphoria.

When? 8pm, Sunday 9th of June.

Where? All screenings at Film Invasion LA are held at the Whitefire Theatre.
13500 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Wanna come? We'd love you to join us! It's an intimate venue so BOOK TICKETS IN ADVANCE and get a $5 — Special Discount Code: 18light

(Tickets on the night are $15 and subject to demand!)

After the Q & A, let's grab a drink to celebrate!

Love from us all, 

Miri & Vicky

LMU Production Stills - Portal Tree - Ivy arrives in the fantasy world - photo credit LIGHT ME UP PRODUCTIONS LLC.jpg
LMU Production Stills - Dock - Josh considering the jump - photo credit LIGHT ME UP PRODUCTIONS LLC.jpg

One year later and our trailer is born...

Wow. It's hard to believe that one year ago our cast and crew convoy was lined up for the Bainbridge Ferry, waiting to head over to the Olympic Peninsular to shoot LIGHT ME UP. But boy are we glad we took the leap of faith to secure such wild and magnificent locations as our ancient Portal Tree in the Olympic National Park and the picturesque dock for Josh's run at Lake Crescent Lodge.

One year later and we're ready to share our trailer with you... a peek through the looking glass into the fantasy world of IVY and JOSH as they struggle with grief.

LIGHT ME UP is about a couple struggling to start a family. After yet another heartbreaking miscarriage, Ivy follows a sprite into a fantasy world to escape her pain. When presented with the choice to stay or return, she must find the hope and courage she needs to grieve with her husband and start again.

For full list of cast and crew credits visit IMDb.

The trailer was cut by our kick ass editor, Vanessa Williams, and features the original song composed and produced by Eric Goetz (pictured below), lyrics c/o our director, Miri Stone, and performed by the talented song-bird Eden Campbell who plays WREN in the film, while IVY is played by Trin Miller and JOSH by Conner Marx.

LMU - trailer - final sound mix.png

Once again, Vicky and I want to extend a heart-felt thanks to ALL our talented cast and crew who came together to make this dream into a reality. You guys have truly taken our breath away and we are so proud of what we have achieved together.

We're submitting to festivals now and look forward to being able to announce our premiere soon.

With love,

Miri & Vicky.

Notes from the land of post production...

Vicky and I are thrilled to announce that today we LOCKED PICTURE!

Working with our editor Vanessa Williams has been an absolute dream come true. She came recommended by many wonderful friends in the industry and all of the hype was spot on! Not only is she a kick ass filmmaker in her own right but man this girl can cut!

We can't wait to share the film with you but first... we have to hand it over to the rest of our post production collaborators.

Sound Design and Original Score is being created by Eric Goetz. Due to the highly visual and deeply symbolic method of storytelling in the script and other production considerations like remote location shooting, Vicky & I chose to record picture MOS for the shoot. This gives us the unique opportunity to build this sound world from the ground up limited only by our imaginations... This is my third collaboration with Eric and I can't wait to hear how he brings our characters journey to life.

Our VFX magic is being spun by Straight Face Studios long time collaborators of our creative producer, Vicky Davenport. We've had preliminary meetings with this awesome team and I am waiting with bated breath to see what these magicians will do to bring the fantasy world to life and add a touch of the paranormal flair to a key sequences in our film.

Our color and grading is being done by Stefan Scherperel. A talent cinematographer, colorist and VFX Supervisor working in the Pacific North West, we can't wait to see his personal flair bring our the mood, tone and heart of our visual world.


 Vanessa Williams working towards Picture Lock in Miri's family kitchen. Our youngest producer, Raphael Stone, is supervising and offering Vicky Davenport libations...

Vanessa Williams working towards Picture Lock in Miri's family kitchen. Our youngest producer, Raphael Stone, is supervising and offering Vicky Davenport libations...

Come behind-the-scenes on our underwater shoot!

It's not often in an indie film production that you get the opportunity to shoot with underwater specialists like Laura James (Underwater DP) and Jon Lafollette (Underwater Grip). As experienced divers and adventurers, Laura and Jon maintained the fine balance between shooting movie magic for our film LIGHT ME UP in a difficult medium and ensuring our actors were kept safe every step of the way...

 BTS still of Laura James, Underwater DP, at work taken by  Jeff Whitehurst

BTS still of Laura James, Underwater DP, at work taken by Jeff Whitehurst

Growing up in New Zealand, I was encouraged by my parents to turn to nature for inspiration and solace... Especially when things got too much. So, naturally, nature features heavily in my work as a filmmaker... both as a source of inspiration and destruction in my characters lives.

This nightmarish moment in Light Me Up is all about the psychological impact of the raw power of nature, symbolizing fate, ripping apart these two characters from the inside and out... and the courage that they have to find in order to fight for each other and their dreams, despite the hopeless of their situation.

The opportunity to shoot this scene underwater with a professional crew was a dream come true. Watching the footage, I’m stunned by the depth that these images evoke... I can’t wait to see this part of our film come together in the edit.
— Miri Stone, writer/director of LIGHT ME UP
 Josh (played by Conner Marx) reaching in vain for Ivy (played by Trin Miller) in the watery depths of his nightmare world...

Josh (played by Conner Marx) reaching in vain for Ivy (played by Trin Miller) in the watery depths of his nightmare world...

Firstly, we'd like to say a huge thank you to our cast Trin Miller and Conner Marx. Like us, this was their first underwater shoot in a formal pool environment and they were consummate pros!

As filmmakers, we all learned a lot on this shoot. The stand out being prepare yourself and your team for a dramatic shift in gears! It was quite the adjustment to come off the back of five straight days where we got our groove on to then be able to embrace the more quixotic pace of an underwater shoot. We quickly discovered we had to pull our shot list back to the bare essentials to tell the story... Luckily, this only added to the thrill of the experience as we nailed the heart of the scene.

Communication was key. Like other stunt scenarios, getting it right in one or two takes became essential as re-sets ate up precious time. This environment was physically demanding on our actors so we needed to avoid tiring them out with unnecessarily takes. To achieve this, we found ourselves pairing back our notes to the key action in frame and fundamental emotion. Having someone poolside whose eyes were solely on our talent and the action taking place in the pool gave us the peace of mind to be able to surrender to the gorgeous images floating by on that monitor...

Laura has cut together this awesome BTS video to give you a sense of what it's like to set up for an underwater shoot in an indoor pool location...

We'd like to offer a big shout out to the Mt Rainier pool staff for making us all feel welcome at their pool and the wonderful equipment sponsors who helped make this project a reality.

Light and Motion went above and beyond providing all the lights as demos for the production free of charge and even shipped them super fast so we would have them in time for production. Ocean Technology Systems and OMS Dive deserve an honorable mention as well.

Check out more of Laura and Jon's Underwater and 360 VR work at:

And that's a wrap!

The producing team behind LIGHT ME UP are very proud to announce that we have finished filming! The cast and crew were dedicated professionals, the locations were stellar and even the weather cooperated...mostly.

 Transported in an instant, Ivy (played by Trin Miller) takes in the magical fantasy world standing under the boughs of the ancient Portal Tree...

Transported in an instant, Ivy (played by Trin Miller) takes in the magical fantasy world standing under the boughs of the ancient Portal Tree...

We spent a magical week shooting on location out on the Olympic Peninsula and around Seattle. Special thanks must go to the folks out at Lake Crescent Lodge, Aramark and the National Park Service who helped smooth the way for our days out on location. Their cooperation and belief in our project allowed us to capture some truly stunning locations on film that only the Pacific North West can offer and will imbue LIGHT ME UP with the awesome power of nature.

 Standing on the brink, Josh (played by Conner Marx) considers jumping into the idyllic but icy depths of Lake Crescent...

Standing on the brink, Josh (played by Conner Marx) considers jumping into the idyllic but icy depths of Lake Crescent...

We were blessed to have a talented team of professionals band together to help us bring this special story to life. They stood with us through rain and shine and worked tirelessly to bring Miri Stone our writer/director's vision to fruition. We are so grateful for their dedication, passion and above-and-beyond commitment that each and every member of our new film family have invested into LIGHT ME UP

Watch this space as we share behind-the-scenes footage and stills of our cast and crew at work...

With love from the Light Me Up Productions team.

PS Follow our INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK FAN PAGE for sneak peaks of BTS and more.




Where to start..?!

Where to start..?!

Vicky and I founded Light Me Up Productions to make films that inspire and illuminate. We both love fantasy and good tear-jerking story, we are both working #filmmamma's and we both believe in the power of filmmaking to enrich and uplift our community.

Our namesake production, Light Me Up, is a very special short film project which has personal origins for me as a writer/director...