Where to start..?!

With three welcome's of course!

Welcome to our Production Diary, welcome to our Project LIGHT ME UP and welcome to our #filmfamily.

Vicky and I founded Light Me Up Productions to make films that inspire and illuminate. We both love fantasy and good tear-jerking story, we are both working #filmmamma's and we both believe in the power of filmmaking to enrich and uplift our community.

Our namesake production, Light Me Up, is a very special short film project which has personal origins for me as a writer/director. I'll share these origins more in a future post about being diagnosed with PCOS and the dream that foreshadowed this film. This project gained a new relevance for me throughout my pregnancies as I battled anxiety over my increased risk of miscarriage due to my medical diagnosis. But it was with the near death of my first son merely days after he was born that this project became crucial to my self-expression as an artist. I cannot express how thrilled I am, after many years of development, to be making it a reality.

I know that talking about miscarriage, infant loss and fertility issues are difficult topics that can trigger those who are still grieving and I respect anyone who feels they do not want to participate in this conversation... So for those of you who have come upon my project because you love me or one of our team members as a person and want to support whatever we are up to as a filmmakers, thank you. If you feel like this topic is too painful or heavy for you to continue supporting, please know that we very much understand. We treasure your support and we will take no offence whatsoever if you need to step away from this particular project.

However, for those of you who are hurting and searching for a connection, I want you to know that we are here for you. When I was facing some of the scariest moments of my life, I felt alone, isolated and adrift. With this project, I want to support a conversation giving women, couples, families and communities who are facing something similar the opportunity to feel loved, heard and supported. I believe in the superpower of hope to mend the most broken of hearts.

What's truly inspiring is the generosity of the community already gathering to create this film. And the fact that every time I share about this project with someone in my life or on social media, they light up (and sometimes tear up) as they begin sharing a story - their own or of someone that they feel very close to - which has touched their lives. Every time I hear a story like this I am moved by our capacity to love, the inspiring courage we find in ourselves after profound loss, and the fierce need we have to come together and connect through our stories.

Reaching out is a courageous act.

Sharing from our hearts about the things that matter gives us strength.

Listening without trying to fix anything is an incredible gift we can give each other.

So thank you for joining us. I am so very thankful that you are here.

Miri Stone,

Light Me Up Productions.

And if you feel moved, please share a quote on our quote wall as a way to uplift and inspire those who are right now struggling through their darkest of days. 


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