We're passionate about LIGHT ME UP. We want this project to bring communities together to share their experiences and resources and support each other so we can face the dark moments in our lives together.

We know it's going to take a village.

So join us. Contribute. Get the word out. We'd love you to be involved.

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On the dark days, we all need a slice of hope. Sometimes it only takes a small moment of connection with another person to provide a much needed anchor to those who are lost in a sea of grief.

Our Quote Wall is dedicated to all those have been through or have been impacted by a miscarriage, the loss of a child or are experiencing fertility issues. Share a quote which has touched, moved or inspired you...

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We are looking to create connections with community leaders and businesses who respond to this project and its themes.

If you would like to know more about LIGHT ME UP and how we could explore achieving this vision together, please click the  link below. Let's enrich our communities together.

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Spread the word

It takes a village to make a film. We want you to be a part of our village. Please share our project with your friends and family and tell them why this project is important to you. And when we launch our crowd funding campaign, we'd love you to share it loud and proud online and wherever else you can reach. For now, join us on Facebook.

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